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    Dream Construction

    Hasan Mahatmuradov - building company Dream Construction, CEO 

    My general experience of work - 240 months. However, despite the rather poor experience for my age, I still have, desire, continuous self-improvement, and perseverance that are the main principles of my career.

    We are already 18 month in a partnership with Murad Buildings. I like my team and the atmosphere of mutual support, teamwork for the result. I am proud that the company achieves good results with a small team.

    One of its main achievements so far in my career, I believe that it is successful completion School of Business Academy of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This allowed me to acquire a number of skills in management. The knowledge and experience, and to ensure the development and implementation of new management staff of the company Dream Construction, which allowed, in turn, introduce modern technologies in development projects and implement them in the shortest possible time.

    Dream Construction - a team of highly qualified specialists with higher profile education. The labor collective - responsible, sociable, cohesive and effective, appreciated the ability to provide operational solutions set goals and objectives.

    I appreciate professionalism, integrity, commitment, respect and demanding of themselves in my team.

    Talking about the staff we are looking for, then we are looking for responsible, timely, aspiring to self-education specialists. Person coming to the company should be interested in it in our company, he/she has to be "team player", able to support colleagues not to lose self-control and performable in stressful situations. In addition, we expect that our new colleague will be able to work simultaneously on multiple tasks and projects.

    Dream Construction puts emphasis on continuous professional development of the company, which is achieved through the use of modern technology, the introduction of new building products and investment in human capital. Our goal - to be the market leader. For us there is no impossible tasks. Our company is a dream. We create space for life, making it a comfortable and harmonious.

    My motto in life: Put target Bring period!

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