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Company view

View for 2020:
The largest developing company in Uzbekistan erecting the most beautiful, sound designed, reliable and comfortable buildings. The people prefer our real estate. Our houses are considered to be the most reliable both in financial and technical nature.
View for 2050:
One of the largest development companies in the world that has built up and owns a large number of residential, hotel, commercial and administrative complexes. Murad Buildings is recognized in the world as a solid player in the field of real estate, as well as the social-orientated business company. Financial institutions track the company’s news to participate in large projects as an investors and/or shareholders.
View for 2115:
The world brand, associated with a spirit of reliability, happiness, care and a bright future. One of the most constantly developing and prosperous companies with high level of attractiveness for investors, as well as for the investments of ordinary people.
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