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    Our mission and values

    The reason we love our job besides financial reward:
    Of course, the profit is an important factor for business success. However, we aspire few more motivating purposes. 
    They are:
    1. To decorate our country and the whole world with beautiful buildings, gardens and roads;
    2. To increase happiness, providing people with reliable, comfortable, high-quality housing and working space;
    3. To share professional experience and to try to be the best example.
    Our Social Mission:
    1. To help the population with self-realization, and support social projects;
    2. We support and help people to become more successful as we consider that our success directly depends on success of society in general;
    3. It brings pleasure for us to join educational, medical and other social projects;

    Our values:
    1. Fair exchange is a key to long-term success;
    2. To deal with others in the same way, we want them to deal with us;
    3. The person (or the company) living others cares, realizing the responsibility in them – always has more chances to succeed and attract all the best;
    4. Clean hands make a happy life;
    And there are more values we try to follow.

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